Next generation security information and event management platform (SIEM)

LogPoint leverages advanced analytics, accelerated by machine learning, to improve your cybersecurity posture and efficiently automate relevant responses to both internal and external threats.

The LogPoint’s SIEM system is designed from the ground up to be simple, flexible, and scalable, providing streamlined design, deployment, and integration tools to open the use of a network security tool up to all businesses. This means that the architecture can be continuously extended with additional functionality without the need for a full major release, to continue to support your business’s growing and changing needs.

The LogPoint system is built on a set
of specific tenants:
  • No company should be limited by the amount of data they can ingest into a SIEM system

  • Simplified architectural principles to enable faster and more efficient software deployments

  • World-class support available 24×7 to help customers get the most value from their SIEM system

LogPoint ranked #1 and named Leader in the 2019 SoftwareReviews SIEM Data Quadrant
With LogPoint, you can quickly troubleshoot potential issues via:
  • Rapid analytic insight into incidents across the infrastructure;

  • Removed dependencies of specific personnel with restricted system access;

  • Big data analytics for sharp, easy analysis of all issues and incidents related all aspects of information system architecture – network, system, services and applications;

  • Reduction of the number of false positives and eliminating the hassle of maintaining and developing expert rules;

  • Forensic investigation with the execution of custom playbooks should an incident arise.

Ease of use - Lightning-fast analytics and rich reporting without requiring an advanced skillset.

Cost management - No extra cost related to the growth of the company’s data volume or how many events per second you receive.

Unmatched certification - Has EAL 3+ certification. It’s required by NATO and in critical infrastructure organizations like the military, intelligence agencies, utility companies and telcos.

Single taxonomy

LogPoint ensures single taxonomy for normalisation of log data, enabling an easy-to-use search function for the creation of dashboards, alerts and reports. By translating all log files into a simplified single taxonomy, searching across a wide variety of log sources is made easier and more efficient.

Simplified role-based access control

Administrative user access is bound into AD via LDAP for ease of permission definition. Group permissions to the system are aligned with a role based approach to administrative rights, giving full control over access to both the log repositories and the dashboard usage.

Full HA deployment

The LogPoint HA architecture allows synchronisation of both index and event data in a fault tolerant fashion, providing a robust integrity to the data storage. Any recovery has a very speedy recovery point objective whilst the platform operates in failover mode.

Agile platform design

The LogPoint system is agile in design with an intuitive interface, built for administrators with network security tool experience or ad-hoc users alike.

Flexible / scalable architecture

LogPoint architecture is entirely flexible and scales linearly for large and complex implementations. The network security tool can be deployed in either physical or virtual environments and on premise or in the cloud

Unique license model

Fair and holistic license model, no hidden extra’s due to the transparent license structure. Adopting a node based model rather the EPS/MPS basis that many other SIEM vendors models follow for managed network security.

Data Privacy mode

By utilising Data Privacy Mode, it is possible to ensure the context of the log files can be included on multinational searches, without compromising the need to ensure the information remains secure. This functionality is particularly beneficial where data must remain

Streamlined normalisation architecture

Plugin architecture, enables dynamic development and custom enhancement. Being vendor agnostic, logs can be collected using varying methods and sources. If a plugin is not present prior to deployment, LogPoint, will create it. Development is not charged for commercial-off-the-shelf product.

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