SAP Security Guidelines

Cybercrime is steadily increasing and targeting the very heart of every company—its SAP footprint. Yet protection for SAP systems is often inadequate.

There are several reasons why SAP clients are vulnerable to cyberattacks:
  • Large attack surface. When numerous IoT, networks, and storage tools are connected in SAP systems, this can present an appetizing target for hackers, and securing all systems can be challenging.

  • Tempting targets. Hackers know that when clients implement SAP solutions, they do so because they need to manage high-value data flows, so it’s usually worth expending effort to hack into these networks.

  • Poor updating procedures. SAP solutions need to be patched and updated regularly, just like any other IT solution. These patches aren’t always implemented, raising the risks associated with cyberattacks. Companies often resist the need to patch, preferring to avoid the hassle of disrupting CRM or payment systems – sometimes with devastating results.

  • Poor cybersecurity strategy. In some cases, companies choose to implement costly SAP solutions but fail to couple this with an investment in cybersecurity. A few technicians may be familiar with the risks but security knowledge may be lacking in the wider corporate structure.

  • Careless employee behavior. This feeds into a final risk-magnifier. Many firms rely on SAP software but have outdated employee security policy, leading to lax password and general network security.

There is no doubt cybersecurity has been and will continue to be a big deal for everybody and keeping ERP applications secure is a big part of how to protect organization against both cyberattacks and other types of data fraud and theft.

Sky Express offers a comprehensive solution such is Onapsis, that delivers actionable intelligence, continuous monitoring and automated governance to ensure the secure operations of your SAP systems, but also eliminates the operational risks associated with ERP maintenance and modernization with an integrated solution for SAP Basis teams to fortify the application transport process, assess custom-code and proactively identify system misconfigurations and vulnerabilities.

Ensure your SAP and Oracle EBS applications are safeguarded from internal and external cyber threats and make sure they achieve the highest possible application performance.


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